Cancellation And Waiting Policy


(Last updated on: 28 May 2022)



Cancellations can be frustrating for riders and driver partners alike. In order to ensure that driver partners are fairly compensated for their time when committing to a trip, we have ensured that a cancellation fee is in place.


When will a cancellation fee be charged?

A cancellation fee of ₹30 is charged for:

Cancelling after the driver is assigned

If you cancel after a driver is assigned(assignment happens max. 45 mins before scheduled ride time), you will be charged the cancellation fee.


Cancellation due to no show

If the driver’s wait time exceeds 20 minutes at pickup location, you’re marked as no-show and charged the cancellation fee.


How can you clear your cancellation fee?


The cancellation fee for a canceled trip would appear as a pending payment to be cleared before you book your next trip. While booking a new ride, we provide you with an option to add the pending payment to their current ride fare and continue with the booking experience without much hindrance.


What can you do if you were charged a cancellation fee unfairly?


If you feel that you have been charged a cancellation fee unfairly and due to factors beyond your control like the driver canceling the trip or if you’re unable to connect to the driver, you could raise a concern to our support team by email to



To avoid cancelling your ride, ensure before requesting


Your pickup location is correct

Always double-check your pickup location on the map before hitting the ‘Confirm’ button. Pinning your location accurately will save time for both you and your driver.


You’re ready for your ride

We notify you when your driver is en-route. Our driver partners do their best to arrive at the pickup location a few minutes before the scheduled time, be ready to hop on to your ride when it arrives.


Waiting Fee


Our driver-partners make every effort to arrive at your pickup location before the scheduled time. As a rider, it’s a good practice to be on time for a scheduled trip.


Moreover, an efficient dispatch enables us to give you a more cost-efficient & reliable ride. Towards this effort, riders will be charged a nominal waiting fee of ₹3/min when the driver’s wait time, at pickup location exceeds 10 minutes, or, at an intermediate stop (of a multi-stop ride) exceeds 2 minutes.


How it works:


Your driver-partner arrives at the pickup location. Once there, a push notification is sent to you communicating his /her arrival.

The driver-partner will wait for 10 minutes from the original scheduled pickup time.

If the ride doesn’t start within 10 minutes, waiting fee charges will kick in.

For multi-stop rides:


You arrive at an intermediate stop. Once there, a push notification is sent to you communicating your arrival and requesting you to be back within 2 minutes.

The driver-partner will wait for 2 minutes after arrival.

If the ride is not resumed within 2 minutes, waiting fee charges will start kicking in and continue until your ride is resumed.

If after a total wait time of 15 minutes, the ride is not resumed, the driver-partner will call you to confirm if you are coming back and subsequently end the trip if required. Your waiting charges are incurred until the driver-partner ends the trip.