It's just not about " Commute " It's also about "Saving Nature"

Words from Founders

Before we started building Hail Cabs, We were highly dependent on ride hailing platforms to get cabs for our everyday commutes.

From the last 2 years, things have changed drastically, from drivers' unjustified demands to sky rocket ambiguous pricings and surge is like topping over it. It takes 6 bookings and calls to get at least one cab. Gone are the days of reviews and ratings that drivers cared for, all we get today is Dirty and Smelly cabs. Customers deserve much better service at this cost.

To take away all the challenges ,we finally started Hail Cabs to serve customers with a promise of Zero Cancellation, Affordable and Transparent pricing, No Surge, Trained and Courteous drivers, clean and sanitized Cabs.

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As we speak

We celebrate our every milestone and this is our endeavor to take tiny steps in order to meet Nations goal of zero emission

Electric Cabs
We are present in
1 City ( Hyderabad)
Direct and Indirect Employment
4 Large Charging hubs

Founders Profile

Entrepreneurs from college, Hustler at work. Together have founded multiple small scale startups. We have more failure stories than success stories. We came a long way in our learning from failures and are ready to solve large problems. Our focus today is higher customer satisfaction with best possible service.

Harshvardhan Tiwari- Co-Founder& CEO
Harshvardhan Tiwari
Co-Founder& CEO

Harsh is a B.Tech Mechanical Graduate and have sold ZORoute - One way intercity taxi app while in college. Also have founded - Travel things to do platform.

Mujeeb Khan- Co-Founder & COO
 Mujeeb Khan
Co-Founder & COO

Mujeeb is a B.Tech Mechanical graduate and have worked with Google Maps, ZORoute and Mounty at all operations level.

Arbaaz Farooqui, Co-founder & CSO
Arbaaz Farooqi
Co-Founder & CSO

Arbaaz hails from business background and has worked with multiple contracting and construction firms. His expertise lies in logistics, mining and construction.


Let’s join hands together to save nature for our Kids.
Let’s Switch to green mobility

90% of Greenhouse Gas Emissions (CO2, methane, nitrous oxide, F-gas) are from transport vehicles in India.

India accounted for 270 Billion Kg of CO2 Emissions in 2020 from Transport segment.

97.6 Billion Kg CO2 emission alone from Taxis.

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